Does the syrup work with SodaStream as well ?

YES! You only carbonate water and add the syrup afterwards.

How much syrup do I use?

For the perfect bubbly experience, we recommend adding 50ml-60ml of syrup per litre of water. If you prefer a lighter flavor, 20ml-30ml of syrup for flavored water works wonderfully. Keep in mind, the colder and more carbonated your water, the less syrup you'll need. Our syrups are concentrated, allowing for a personalized touch based on individual preferences. Feel free to experiment with different quantities to find the ideal balance that suits your taste. In the end, it's all about creating a delightful and customized beverage experience just for you

Do I need to refrigerate the syrup? 


How long does the syrup last?

Our soda concentrate syrups are exceptionally stable, maintaining their quality for up to two years after opening the bottle. To ensure an optimal flavor experience, we recommend shaking the bottle well before use. This step is essential, as the syrups contain natural ingredients that may settle during storage. By giving it a good shake, you're ensuring a uniform and delicious taste every time. Enjoy the full, rich flavors of our soda concentrate syrups with this simple but effective tip

Where is your product made?

Our syrups are made in ITALY

Are the syrups Eco-friendly. 

Our concentrate syrup offers you the opportunity to reduce your reliance on cans and bottles, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we make a conscious effort to reuse packaging materials whenever possible. Additionally, all our packaging is designed to be recyclable, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite beverages with minimal impact on the environment. By choosing our concentrate syrup, you not only savor great flavors but also play a role in promoting eco-friendly practices. Cheers to a refreshing taste that goes hand in hand with sustainability!

Do you have other diet flavours? 

Crafted with real fruit pulp, our concentrated syrups boast a natural sweetness derived from the fruits themselves. Containing less than 5 grams of sugar per drink, our syrups stand out for their remarkably low sugar content compared to other options. We prioritize delivering a deliciously authentic fruit flavor while maintaining a commitment to a healthier beverage choice. Savor the goodness of real fruit with minimal sugar, providing a refreshing and guilt-free indulgence. Cheers to a naturally sweetened experience that delights the taste buds without compromising on health-conscious choices!

Do your products contain aspartame?


Are your products vegan andGluten Free?


Are your products Organic?

Yes! They sure are.

Are your products Non GMO?

Yes! They sure are.

Can I use any other water or do I need to use just Oh Bubbles ?

Although you can use any cold or sparkling water you like, we prefer Oh Bubbles as it’s effective and stops single use plastic.

What is the ratio when adding ice?

Put the ice in at the end. Taste to test is always best.

Can I add syrups before carbonating in my Oh Bubbles ?

Yes you can only with Oh Bubbles ALLFIZZ , and Not with EVOSS or SPRKL

What is this thing in my drink?

These Concentrated Soda Syrups are of exceptional quality using real organic fruit and ingredients in order to deliver a healthier and true-to-ingredient taste. On rare occasions you may find some of the ingredients settling at the bottom or even suspended in the liquid in small clusters. This is all part of the natural state of the product and all you have to do is shake it vigorously before use.

Interested in stocking our product?

Please emailcontact@ohbubbles.co.nz