Oh Bubbles

Welcome to Oh Bubbles, where we believe in the enchantment of effervescence. Our journey commenced with a humble adoration for sparkling beverages, igniting a vision to craft a brand that resonates locally while embracing a global footprint, all while prioritising eco-friendliness and sustainability.

From our sparkling drink makers to our award-winning soda syrups and locally refilled soda gas bottles, every facet of Oh Bubbles reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. As a family-owned local business, we prioritise personalised service and aim to exceed your expectations at every turn.


Our gas cylinders are compatible with all soda makers in Australia.

We know how frustrating and difficult it can be to get hold of gas cylinders for your soda maker. This is why we have revolutionised the way gas can be delivered to your door then collected and replaced once finished.

We're dedicated to sustainability and community support. That's why we proudly refill our gas bottles locally in Melbourne, ensuring a reliable source of effervescence while reducing our carbon footprint. Join us in our mission to enjoy sparkling moments responsibly, Saving our planet one refill at a time.

Why Oh Bubbles?

Oh Bubbles CO2 Cylinders - Pure Sparkling Power!

450 Grams of Gas - 13% More Than Our Competitors!

We accept all competitors' cylinders!

Free return courier for all refills!

Proudly Refilled in Australia!

Indulge guilt-free with Oh Bubbles Soda Syrups - Crafted in Italy

We make the world’s best concentrated Soda Syrups. Real ingredients, low in sugar and calorie, and purposefully crafted, so the subtleties of great spirits shine through. Made using real fruit pulp , Oh Bubbles is made with the highest quality ingredients. Never high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, artificial flavours or preservatives. Oh Bubbles make your drink spectacular

Multi Award Winning Concentrated Fruit Pulp Syrups Made in Italy