Why choose a Soda Maker over a Soda Can?

Why choose a Soda Maker over a Soda Can?

You'd think that when dealing with something as simple and straightforward as water, there couldn't be any confusion. Water is water, right? You may have noticed when walking down the aisle of the grocery store that there are many options when it comes to carbonated water (also referred to as bubbly water, sparkling water, club soda, soda water, and seltzer).

Over the past few months, creativity in the kitchen has been a saving grace, and trust me we have gracefully overcome the most crucial period by being productive from the ingredients and tools available at home. From new recipes to different cocktails, crafted food and drinks are being made/cooked/baked and garnished at home. I am sure you might be missing your soda cans, just because you miss them doesn’t mean you have to order in bulk and store it up. We recommend you to choose the smarter option by investing in owning your own personal soda

We all have been curious about home soda makers for a while now, because of their ability to make carbonated drinks at home instead of purchasing them at a store. Also, making sodas at home saves a lot of plastic bottles from the recycling heap and can reduce your soda costs significantly and in return, you are protecting the environment too. The essential function of a home soda maker is simple: the machine uses a CO2 cartridge to carbonate water. The upside of their simplicity is that most machines don’t need to be plugged in or powered in any way, because the CO2 cartridge is what’s doing the work (a definite bonus if you’re short on electrical outlets in your kitchen).

Another upside to such a simple process is that it allows you to create something unique and catered to your tastes. Aside from the multitude of flavoring that soda maker brands have available for purchase, there are also plenty of flavored drink syrups you can mix it with. Besides being able to control what flavors you put in, you’re also able to control how much goes in. So if you’re trying to cut back on sugar, but still want to enjoy a flavored, fizzy drink, you can add just a touch of your flavor of choice. Drinking your recommended amount of fluids every day just got a lot more interesting isn’t it?

But the most exciting thing we discovered about having a soda maker in your home is you can use the soda water in place of regular water while baking which will result in lighter and fluffier cakes, pancakes, and waffles. Trust me we have tried and tested it. Baking just got a little easier and interesting right. We know this sounds exciting, just a tip for you from the oh Bubbles team!

This is the right time to get your family members and yourself a soda maker from Oh Bubbles so that you don’t have to just dream about the fizz you can enjoy it anytime at your place and also it is super safe since no one apart from you and your family members will be using it.  We want you to know our customer's health and safety is our topmost priority. This is why considering this main factor we ensure all the products are well sanitized and all the necessary precautions and safety measures are taken while packing and delivering. 

If you are ready to add a layer, you should consider the simple pleasures of the Oh Bubbles Soda maker. Choose a healthy way of living ensuring your safety first by investing in such smart easy to use tools.

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